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Chaplaincies and Congregations in Italy


Chaplaincies and Congregations based in Italy are listed below. For more details you can visit (if available) the relevant website for the Chaplaincy or the Congregation by clicking on the name of the city or the icon on the map at the right. Alternatively, you can go to the Diocese in Europe’s website


  • ASSISI. Congregation of Assisi (Perugia), at San Leonardo Church (Piazzetta Garibaldi, Assisi).


  • BARI. Congregation of Bari (Bari), at Santa Colomba Chapel (Via S. Francesco, Bari).


  • BOLOGNA. Congregation of Bologna, at Santa Croce Church (Via D'Azeglio 86, Bologna).


  • BORDIGHERA. Congregation of Bordighera (Imperia), at the Chapel of the Cementery (Cimitero di Bordighera).



  • CITTA' della PIEVE. Congregation of Città della Pieve (Perugia), at San Giovanni Battista Church (Via Beato Giacomo Villa, Città della Pieve, PG).




  • MACERATA. Congregation of Macerata (Macerata), at Santa Maria delle Grazie Church (Macerata).




  • PADUA. Congregation of Padua (Padua), at St. Giuseppe Lavoratore Church (Zona Industriale, Padova).




  • SIENA. Chaplaincy of Siena (Siena), at St. Peter’s Church (Via Garibaldi, Siena).


  • SORRENTO. Congregation of Sorrento, at the Cattedrale di Sorrento (Via Garibaldi, Sorrento).



  • TRIESTE. Congregation of Trieste (Trieste), at Christ Church (Via S. Michele 13, Trieste).



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